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Time & Tax Payers Money Time & Tax Payers Money

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I really...

enjoyed this, but was sad to see that it was on the very last page where probably nobody bothers to check. I've been listening to a lot of the stuff with the high scores in the "indie" section and am just amazed by how some of it got up there while this isn't even given a chance.

As for criticism, i think i would have liked to hear more harmonies between the man and woman, rather than the two of you singing octaves together. Or maybe if harmonies were added to certain parts along with the octaves, but this is just my small opinion.

Moon shine Moon shine

Rated 3 / 5 stars

reminiscent of....

closing time by semisonic, and maybe a little too reminiscent. don't worry, i'm not trying to put your composition down. but this kind of thing just happens all the time with extreme subconscious influences in music, and i thought you should be aware of it.

considering the chord progression is nearly identical to "closing time" isn't so bad. but it's the melody that's far too similar, even if it is double time, and the notes aren't eeeeexactly in the same order. likewise, the melody would not be the problem if it wasn't behind this chord progression. it's the combination of the two that makes for the sound that is all too much like the semisonic song. as a form of advice, you could change the melody, or the chord progression, OR make either/ both of the two with different rythmic patters and accents.

i was really interested that you made this in powertab though. didn't know people were using that program in this way.

i do hope this was helpful and not looked at as a bash. keep doin' what yer doin'.

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moonhitler responds:

Thanks for the review!

I haven't even heard of closing time or semisonic until now; I'll go check it out.

EDIT: after listening to it, I now see what you mean. I actually have never heard it before, so sorry that it sounds similar.